Arts & Cultures

Arts and Cultures…

As we all know, the ethnic groups have their very own cultures, arts and beliefs. The Ibans are traditionally animist, which they believe that there are spirits within natural living objects such as the trees, the rocks and the animals. Nowadays, the Ibans celebrate harvesting festivals like Gawai Burong, the bird festival, and Gawai Antu, spirit festival. The most common festival celebrated by the Iban is the Gawai Dayak, harvesting festival. Besides the festivals, the Ibans also have their own arts. The main one is the tattoos. Almost all of the male Ibans have tattoos on their body. It is the sign of bravery for them. Moreover, they also have their unique craft works and designs.

Like the Ibans, the Bidayuhs are also traditionally animist. They celebrate Gawai Sowa and Gawai Duyoh. They also have their own designs, arts, and craft works.

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