Lifestyles of Sarawak Ethnic Groups.


Sarawak is one of the most prominent state in Malaysia. It comprises more than 20 ethnic groups which have different languages, distinct cultures and lifestyles. This is why Sarawak has been a famous destination for foreigners as they get to experience the lives of the ethnic groups here. For instance, they can try to live in the Dayak’s longhouses. They can also taste the delicious cuisines and enjoy all sorts of activities in Sarawak. So, what sort of cultures and lifestyles can be found among these ethnic groups? Of course, it’s going to be an interesting one.

Lifestyles and Cultures of the ethnic groups:

  • Most of them live in the communal long houses.
  • They live in groups.
  • They have various cultures such as the tattoos on their bodies.
  • Each of them have different histories and backgrounds.
  • They have their own artworks and designs.

And there are still a lot more of their lifestyles and cultures that are yet to be explored when you come to Sarawak! This can be quite a fascinating spot in Sarawak!

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